Teva Ivri

Teva Ivri (Jewish Nature) is a non-profit organization promoting Jewish environmental responsibility in Israel. Comprised of both religious and non-religious activists, our goal is to expand the identities of Jews living in Israel, inspiring a new obligation to sustainable living. By raising awareness and facilitating local community action, Teva Ivri seeks to turn the environmental and social values rooted in the Jewish tradition into the foundational building blocks of Israeli culture and society. In addition to our ongoing work as a resource center, providing teacher training, speakers, educational hiking and regularly educating the public and disseminating our message through our website (our online resource center) and monthly newsletter, each year we reach out through a flagship project, connecting to aspects of our shared Jewish heritage to facilitate social, environmental, cultural and spiritual action.

Address Eshchar
City DN Misgav
Zip Code 2019600
Country Israel
Phone 972-52-3754506
ID Number 58-0504918

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