Privacy Policy

This web site does not share personal information with third parties. We do offer sign-up for our Mailing List in order to receive notice when new blog posts are published and when we publish our annual report.  To sign-up for our mailing list requires only an e-mail address, no additional information is required. This mailing list is hosted by The Rocket Science Group, LLC d/b/a MailChimp.  MailChimp has TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal and according to MailChimp they “never sell lists or email addresses.” MailChimp’s Privacy Policy may be reviewed at their web site:

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. (PEF) does not accept credit cards or ACH payments and therefore we do not collect, store or share any credit information belonging to our donors.  We do maintain an internal database with contact information of our donors which we use exclusively to account for and track donations and to provide tax information for use by our donors.  We will disclose the name of a donor to a charity who receives a recommneded grant from that donor unless the donor expressly requests that their recomended donation reamain anonymous.  Otherwise, we do not share any contact or donation information without the express written request of our donors or unless we are compelled to disclose such information by subpoena or other legal process.  If you wish to contact us regarding our Privacy Policy or with regard to our records regarding a donation and/or your contact information, please contact us at: info (at) pefisrael (.) org