PEF Charities can now accept Credit Cards

Geoffrey —  November 28, 2018

Until recently, PEF has not accepted credit card payments and we still do not process credit card payments over the phone or on our website.

Recently, however, and in recognition of the explosive growth of ecommerce, PEF has addressed the growing demand for credit card processing by the charities that we support. PEF is now pleased to enable recommended grants via credit card.  Participating charities will feature a donate button on their website which will permit donors to make a recommended grant to that charity via a dedicated PEF credit card payment gateway.  The gateway is hosted by Stripe which offers specially discounted per transaction processing fees for a 501(c)3 of 2.2% + 30¢ for non-AmEx transactions and 3.5% for AmEx transactions.

As always, PEF does not add any fees or handling charges to process these transactions.

Charities wishing to participate in this program should contact CauseMatch by clicking here.  CauseMatch does not charge for setting up and maintaining this platform but would be pleased to discuss other paid fundraising products and services it offers with charities who are in need of such services. To send an e-mail to CauseMatch use