Zichron Moshe in Memory of Moshe & Methilda Heller

Zichron Moshe was founded in 2007 with the purpose of establishing places of Torah research. It has so far established a Beit Midrash (place of Torah study) and a Kollel (advanced adult Talmudic studies program) in order to study issues relating to the Tractates in the Mishnaic Order Kodashim. The students at the Kollel receive a monthly stipend. Zichron Moshe also publishes an annual journal regarding the topics its studied, holds annual one-day seminars for the general public, conducts Torah lectures for adults and children in the neighborhood of Maale HaZeitim, and runs a Loan Benefit Society (Gemach).

Address Ma'aleh Hazaytim 3
City Jerusalem
Zip Code 97103
Country Israel
Phone 972-2-628-1485
Website www.zichronmoshe.org
ID Number 58-0478071

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