Association for Spiritual Care in Israel

Livui Ruchani was established in 2015 to advance spiritual care in Israel and raise it to a recognized, standardized and visible profession, on par with other disciplines, in order to improve quality of life for people with chronic and fatal disease, elderly nearing the end of life, individuals experiencing distress, anxiety, pain and crisis, people facing grief and bereavement, and their families. Livui Ruchani is a professional membership association and knowledge base for spiritual care, and serves as an umbrella organization for spiritual care accrediting associations basing the requirements for uniform training, testing, certification and standards of practice. The organization is a predominantly volunteer organization. Apart from one paid employee (the executive director), the organization relies on a pool of professional volunteers (spiritual caregivers), who participate in various committees to define curricula, determine the required degree of knowledge and competency to provide high quality spiritual care, and formalize requirements for credentialing and certification and code of ethics for practitioners. In addition to shaping the profession of spiritual care in Israel and defining best practice, Livui Ruchani advocates for the delivery of spiritual care in institutional and community settings and its embedment in the everyday practice of multi-disciplinary teams in health and social care services. We are laboring to integrate spiritual care – regardless of religion- into a “whole person” approach to health and social care, and are leading the way for accessible spiritual care in hospitals, elderly homes and other health care environments.

Address C/o Bebtur
Kobobi 53 st.
City Jerusalem
Zip Code 9675765
Country Israel
Phone 972-2-6783629
ID Number 58-0593556

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