Remember and Save

Remember and Save is an organization dedicated to preserving precious historical documents and important recollections of Soviet Jewry activists and refuseniks from around the world around the time of and during the Soviet Jewry Aliya Movement (1967-1989). The organization was established in 2002 by the former refuseniks and Zionist activists of the Aliya Movement from the Soviet Union, collects documents about the struggle for the right of Soviet Jews, for cultural life in accordance with Jewish traditions and religion, and for Aliya to Israel. It also collects published and unpublished memoirs, diaries, and interviews of former Movement activists. In addition, it collects relevant documents (e.g. reports and records the trips to USSR) of Israeli and Western organizations and private citizens, who supported Soviet Jews in their struggle with the Soviet authorities and other publications regarding the Movement. Relevant Key words: Minority rights, human rights, national movements, emigration from the SU, Russia, Soviet Union, Jews in the Soviet Union, refuseniks, Prisoners of Zion, Jewish culture in Russia, Judaism in the Soviet Union, Zionism in the SU, Anti-Semitism in the SU.

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