Re-Specs Frames for the Needy

RE-SPECS Frames provides free sight tests & affordable glasses to the underprivileged at our wheelchair-accessible Ra’anana-Kfar Saba Eye Clinic in the heart of Israel. As the only nationwide organization dedicated to providing eyeglasses to vulnerable populations from across the length & breadth of the country (regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, geographical location), we serve low-income families, disadvantaged/abused women, at-risk kids & teens, people with disabilities, senior citizens, Holocaust survivors, terror victims, new olim suffering financial difficulties, single-parent families & lone soldiers. At our clinic, we collect & restore gently used & surplus frames, sell them & provide customized lenses for a nominal price. Visually-impaired people cannot function properly in their day-to-day lives, so we developed a cost-effective program to help them. Compared to the high cost of eyeglasses in the Israeli market – often forcing those living in vulnerable circumstances to do without (!) – we offer them affordable eyeglasses. Patients undergo eye tests & obtain their glasses in our regular-looking store. Kids see their parents “paying” instead of receiving handouts, which greatly enhances the family’s healthy functioning. On occasion, those unable to pay anything are issued a price quotation invariably far below any quotation from a for-profit optician which is presented to their social worker with a request for funding. It goes without saying that we have witnessed time and again the immeasurable positive impact on our patients? lives.

Address Hataasia 15
City Raanana
Zip Code 4365408
Country Israel
Phone 0584-436735
ID Number 58-0561009

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