Civic Trust- A Public Benefit Company LTD (CC)

Civic Trust is an NPO\NGO founded in 2006, specializes in disseminating practices of fair conduct, accountability and transparency among businesses and regulators. we address tens of thousands of consumers’ complaints each year, evaluate the conduct of businesses and public services, publish reports for the public’s benefit, and engage in many policy changing processes. Over the years we brought about many policy changes: legislation to protect consumers of communication services, reform the regulation of fair conduct in contracts, regulation of interpretation services in health-care and more. Civic Trust specializes in working with the public and policy makers to generate social change in socio-economic issues. While these issues affect Israeli society at large, they are typically acute among minority groups and disadvantaged populations. Through its activity, Public Trust also works to educate the public on financial and consumer rights and their realizing.

Address 29 Hamered Street
City Tel Aviv
Zip Code 65116
Country Israel
Phone 972-3-560-6069
ID Number 51-3686865

If you wish to make a contribution to Civic Trust- A Public Benefit Company LTD (CC) please send us a check payable to "PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc." and note in the memo portion of the check, or include in a separate note, your recommendation that we should make a contribution to Civic Trust- A Public Benefit Company LTD (CC). Please include the ID Number (51-3686865) for the charity as well. Please do not include any other words (such as the name of the charity) on the payee line of your check or else our bank will not accept it and we will have to return the check.

Please be sure to provide your name and mailing address so that we can acknowledge your contribution. The minimum contribution accepted is $25. Mail your check and recommendation to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017