Mosaica: Religion, Society and State

Mosaica works to mediate and build understanding and agreements between individuals, families, neighbors, communities on the local level and on the national level between influential religious leaders in the context of the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict. Mosaica was founded in 1999 by Rabbi Michael Melchior, former Cabinet Minister and Knesset Member and current President of Mosaica, together with Professor Elie Wiesel and Professor Aviad HaCohen. Mosaica is made up of two branches, the Religious Peace Initiative (RPI) and the Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement (CCRA). CCRA supports a national network of 45 Mediation and Dialogue Centers throughout Israel, advances mediation policies and legislation and provides professional mediation, restorative justice practices, models to empower decision-making and cultural sensitivity trainings to organizations and professionals such as the Israeli Police. RPI seeks to prepare the ground for true peace in the Middle East by involving Jewish and Muslim religious leaders in finding a way out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, voicing a common religious message for peace and emphasizing the importance of religious discourse in creating a sustainable solution.

Address 32 Pierre Koenig
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ID Number 58-0347003

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