Israeli Association for International Couples

The organization supports couples and families in which one side is Israeli throughout their immigration process to Israel and their shared life in Israel. It aims to facilitate their acclimation and ensure the protection of their rights, by providing consultations, legal advice and making bureaucratic information more accessible. Additionally, it advocates for governmental policies that safeguard the rights of this population and voices its interests to policymakers. The organization strives to create collaborations with various authorities, and mainly the Population and Immigration Authority, to support their efforts to provide better service in the immigration process. The organization serves as a bridge between international couples in Israel, state authorities and other public institutions, and aims to educate service providers in all sectors about the international couples community to enable better services and solutions for it. The organization also maintains online platforms for international couples to connect and organizes on-life community events. It also encourages cultural events that cater to speakers of diverse languages in Israel.

Address Haprachim 2 st.
City Ramat Hasharon
Zip Code 723116
Country Israel
ID Number 58-0751006

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