Hineni Lemaan Hakehila

The Hineni organization aims to lead and strengthen the “Lo Tishtok” – “Don’t be silent” movement in ultra-Orthodox society, and to create a patrol of active and influential women, working against moral injustices and in favor of raising silenced and weakened voices among the ultra-Orthodox community. Through organizing protest activities by ultra-Orthodox women, mass mobilization, signing petitions, activity among rabbis and community leaders, as well as extensive social media activity, we accompany victims of sexual violence who have been harmed by those in authority in the ultra-Orthodox sector, voice a sharp demand for policy change, and mobilize community support and backing for the victims against the silencing leadership. These actions contribute to raising awareness in the ultra-orthodox sector of the seriousness of sexual abuse, the exploitation of authority and silencing the victims, allow the risk factors and warning signs to flood in and create a change in the culture of silencing and covering up while raising the voice of the victims and raising the problem above the social surface. In addition, and no less important, these actions directly affect the empowerment of ultra-Orthodox women and the community and social structure, when female voices from the field emerge and influence, change the existing hierarchical structure and become involved in social changes. We believe that organizing and intervening around a painful issue that concerns almost every ultra-Orthodox woman, and giving ultra-Orthodox women the opportunity to be active, influential and cooperating with the state authorities, will bring about a broad social change that goes beyond the issue of sexual abuse only, and will help bring about a positive change in Israeli society.

Address 11 Gedalya Bublik St
City Jerusalem
Zip Code 9722193
Country Israel
Website lotishtok.com
ID Number 58-0751451

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