Herzog Academic College

The Herzog Academic College was founded by the LifshitzCollege of Education and Herzog College. This is a religious, academic institution which provides top-class training for future teachers, educators and senior position holders in the education system in Israel and the Diaspora. Rabbi Eliezer Meir Lifshitz founded the first religious teacher’s training seminary in Israel almost 100 years ago in Jerusalem, and 43 years ago the Herzog College was founded in Alon Shvut. These institutions have been training Israel’s religious teachers for close to a century. The College offers a wide range of programs and cutting-edge tracks in accordance with requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Council for Higher Education, with a commitment to religious tenets and academic excellence. Herzog is now the largest religious academic college in Israel, with 2750 students, 2350 of whom are in undergraduate school and 400 in graduate schools. A further 2000 teachers and educators study in the various professional development tracks.

Address Gush Etzion
City Alon Shevut
Zip Code 904330
Country Israel
Phone 972-2-9937333
Website www.herzog.ac.il
ID Number 58-0565281

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