Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

The Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel serves as an umbrella organization for 55 organizations representing communities that suffered from Nazi persecution during World War II: from Western and Eastern Europe to North Africa. The organization, which was founded more then 25 years ago, has been recognized by the Government of Israel as the representative organization of the entire survivor population in Israel. Since the day of its establishment, the organization’s primary goal has been to fight for the survivors’ rights in Israel and abroad, in order to allow them to live in dignity and ensure their welfare. The struggle was crucial in the past due to the indifference and neglect of previous Israeli governments. Distortions and injustice exist to this day, as a result of an artificial division of the survivors according to their geographic origin or their date of arrival in Israel; because of legal problems resulting from outdated laws; and because of the inequality in the rights provided by various bodies. This is an aging population their average age is 84 and their needs have changed over the years. The organization also acts to commemorate the Holocaust and revival of the Jewish nation and impart its legacy to future generations.

Address POB 57403
City Tel Aviv
Zip Code 6157302
Country Israel
Phone 972-3-6423343
ID Number 58-0140804

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