Carmei Ha’ir

Carmei Ha’Ir was established in 2004 with the goal of removing the shame from receiving assistance. They have been feeding and clothing Jerusalem’s poor and disabled in a dignified manner ever since. Clients include families in economic distress, disabled on limited welfare, and elderly Holocaust survivors with no one to turn to. Meals are provided daily through its open restaurant (not a soup kitchen as those not in need attend the restaurant at the same as those in need with the only difference that they pay for their own meals) and delivery to the physically and psychologically homebound. Over 1,300 sandwiches are delivered daily to schoolchildren and clothing, holiday baskets, and winter supplies are also provided for families. In addition, Carmei launched a complete program for lone soldiers, providing hot food and gift baskets to soldiers.

Address 72 Agripes St.
POB 6084
City Jerusalem
Zip Code 9106002
Country Israel
Phone 972-2-5004222
ID Number 58-0326247

If you wish to make a contribution to Carmei Ha’ir please send us a check payable to "PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc." and note in the memo portion of the check, or include in a separate note, your recommendation that we should make a contribution to Carmei Ha’ir. Please include the ID Number (58-0326247) for the charity as well. Please do not include any other words (such as the name of the charity) on the payee line of your check or else our bank will not accept it and we will have to return the check.

Please be sure to provide your name and mailing address so that we can acknowledge your contribution. The minimum contribution accepted is $25. Mail your check and recommendation to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017