Brothers in Yoga

Brothers in Yoga is a non-profit association founded in 2022 to help people coping with trauma (based on terror or military injuries) through a long-term group journey that enables transformation to each and every one, through the practices of yoga, meditation & community sharing circles. Today we are working with the IDF, Ministry of Defense, regional councils and many other non-profits working in the same field. We are growing a sustainable, scalable community by training BIY graduates to become trauma-informed yoga teachers themselves and to lead the next groups to come. Today we already have 10% (10 teachers out of 2023 100 graduates)! Until October 7th 2024, Brothers & sisters in yoga offered healing programs for veterans with PTSD. Today we offer programs for everyone, from families- kids & adults from the Gaza Envelope, the Nova party survivors, soldiers and reserves. We are here to give a healing space, with the right tools, combining yoga practices (breathing, relaxation, nutrition, positive thinking & meditation) with the power of community, psychoeducation, group-talk and long-term healthy routine. The program guidance team includes trauma-informed-yoga teachers, clinical therapists (psychologists/social workers) and other volunteers. More details about our mission and activity – on the website:

Address 42 Elat Hamastik
City Yaad
Zip Code 2015500
Country Israel
Phone 972-52-3970287
ID Number 58-0759405

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