Spatial planning shapes the area in which we live: Planning policies regulate our access to housing, schools, health clinics, parks, and industrial and employment zones, as well as our access to water, electricity, sewage and roads. Planning therefore plays a central role in determining the quality of our environment and our prospects for socio-economic development, as well as the general well-being of communities and individuals alike. Flawed or discriminatory planning, however, reinforces the inequalities between different sectors of society and can result in severe violations of human, civil and social rights. Bimkom is committed to promoting equitable planning for disadvantaged communities, both Jewish and Arab, within Israel and the territories it controls. Bimkom always works together with the community ? its councils and representatives, and draws special attention to women’s perspectives and needs. We help communities define their needs spatial and development needs, and identify with them internal and external assets from which to develop. We identify opportunities in existing plans; we take action to halt or limit harmful plans; and we advise and support the community in presenting their position vis-?-vis the planning authorities. At the institutional level, Bimkom is uniquely positioned to take a professional stand and engage with the planning authorities. When needed, we submit planning objections and legal petitions. We also conduct research, maintain a professional dialogue with the planning authorities, and write reports and expert opinions whose findings we use to advocate vis-?-vis policy and decision makers, at the local, national and international level. We further engage in education and share data and insights with students, diplomats, fellow local and international organizations, and the general public. Bimkom has four main areas of activity: 1.

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City Jerusalem
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Country Israel
Phone Urbanism, urban renewal and social housing throughout Israel. 2.
ID Number 58-0342087

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