BeDo – Generating Change Differently

We believe in the power of listening deeply to the human experience and in the potential of listening to foster personal and collective growth in Israel. We work to promote a new type of leaders who will operate from a place of awareness and effective listening, spearheading new ways to deal with the grave challenges faced by Israeli society. We know that there are many who want to lead change, but are used to perceptions and tools that are no longer suited to this era, where the future is vague and the present is rife with uncertainty. People – young people in particular – want to operate differently. To make the most of the human and social potential in Israel we need to put much more of our existing knowledge into action individually and collectively. Our main methodology is Theory U, which was developed at MIT and has proven successful at producing collaborative and creative leadership. Theory U connects the world of leadership with the worlds of body, mind, and art, between the personal and systemic levels, between being and doing. We develop, implement and disseminate Theory U, adapted to the challenges of Israeli society: Training programs for directors and individuals in leadership positions in the public, social, and educational fields

Address 25 Harimon St.
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Phone Workshops teaching practical tools .Creating new content, models and tools on listening-based leadership.Disseminating knowledge on digital platforms Initiating and leading joint forums and work groups .Unique projects for implementation of Theory U in dealing with the challenges of living in a diverse society Since our establishment in the fall of 2020 we have been fortunate to work with many partners, among them the Mandel Foundation (Israel), the Israel Association of Community Centers, the Rothschild Foundation (Israel), the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel, Avney Rosha Institute, the Rashi Foundation, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Women Against Violence, and others.
ID Number 58-0708220

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