Association for the Advancement of Music and Dance in Akko

During the morning, music and singing classes are held in the formal education system, from kindergarten to high school. In the afternoons, there are individual musical lessens, ensembles, orchestras, choral ensembles, all of which involve students from the Jewish and Arab sectors, including songs in Arabic, Hebrew and even Yiddish. Interested students are taking matriculation exams in music.

Address Strauss St. 1
POB 2071
City Akko
Zip Code 24100
Country Israel
Phone The conservatory runs music classes in all schools in the city from elementary to high school. The "Musicians of Tomorrow" excellence project - encourages excellence in bow instruments. The program includes reinforcement of music and theory lessons, and concert performances. A series of concerts for kindergarten and school students is taking plays every year in the performance hall, with the goal of enabling each child to experience a professional concert. Conservatory students and professional orchestras perform in concerts. Concert series "Sounds in the Hall" - featuring chamber ensembles, orchestras and professional choirs from Israel and around the world. The series is open to the public from Akko and the surrounding area. Conservatory students appear at Community concerts, Official events of the Municipality and the Ministry of Education. Now in planning: A Center for Mediterranean Music - The new center will include a concert hall, study rooms and a digital library for music.
ID Number 58-0486785

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