Achiya – Learn That You Can

Established in 1993, Achiya – Learn That You Can addresses the needs of learning disabled children of the ultra- orthodox sector learning in regular classrooms. All of our programs focus on early childhood intervention. Our Teachers’ Training College prepares young men to become professional teachers, specializing in special education, and has changed the way Haredi education systems deals with diverse learners. Our outreach program screens children for learning disabilities and provides direct intervention to those who need it. Our Learning and Developmental Centers in Bnei Brak and Elad provides highly subsidized professional therapy and/or remedial tutoring. Our highly subsidized ADHD centers in Elad and Bnei Brak screen, diagnose and treat ADHD. We also conduct parenting workshops, teachers’ and principals’ workshops, have a counseling hotline and facilitate support groups for parents of children with ADHD. More than 5,000 children participate in Achiya’s programs annually. 1,700 male students are studying in the college’s 14 branches. Achiya saves children before they need to be saved!

Address 26 Baal Hatanya St
POB 312
City Bnei Brak
Zip Code 51102
Country Israel
Phone 972-3-676-1166
ID Number 58-0211472

If you wish to make a contribution to Achiya – Learn That You Can please send us a check payable to "PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc." and note in the memo portion of the check, or include in a separate note, your recommendation that we should make a contribution to Achiya – Learn That You Can. Please include the ID Number (58-0211472) for the charity as well. Please do not include any other words (such as the name of the charity) on the payee line of your check or else our bank will not accept it and we will have to return the check.

Please be sure to provide your name and mailing address so that we can acknowledge your contribution. The minimum contribution accepted is $25. Mail your check and recommendation to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017