Charity Reports as Art

Geoffrey —  May 27, 2014

At PEF, we expect and receive regular updates and reports from the charities in Israel that we support. As trustees, we make it our business to personally visit these amutot when we travel to Israel.  On a recent visit, I was privileged to visit the Greenhouse (Hamimah) at Kibbutz Ein Shemer. The Ecological Greenhouse-Ein Shemer, was founded in 1977 by Israeli artist Avital Geva.  Avital  represented Israel in the 1993 Venice Biennale and you may recognize him and his greenhouse from the recently published Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation, by Yossi Klein Halevi.  In any case, as a follow-up to my visit, I received a full report from Avital complete with original drawings and diagrams.  To see the full report, simply go the this charity’s PEF page (here) and click on the documents section.

Avital Geva