P.E.F. has over 1,000 approved charitable organizations that we support in Israel. If you know the name or (amutah) I.D. number of the charity you wish to support you can search by name or number here. If you are interested in a particular area of philanthropy and would like to search for an approved charity in that area, please use the category search. You can also search our charity database by doing a word search. Please note that approved charities are continually being added and removed and we make every effort to update our list on a regular basis but there may be instances where a check is received and in the interim the charity has lost its approved listing. Please also note that a newly approved charity will not appear on our list until it has received grants. If you do not find the charity you are looking for you should contact the PEF office.

We offer this database as a service to our donors but here at PEF we pride ourselves in our depth of knowledge and first-hand impressions regarding the activities and efficacy of Israeli charities in all areas of interest to the donor. Donors looking for suggestions or feedback regarding the choice of charity to recommend, are always welcome to contact our office.

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