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Due to the current COVID-19 crisis we ask that you EMAIL (rather than call) with any questions or concerns. We also expect significant delays in the processing of incoming check donations since the New York office is temporarily closed. For larger sums, please e-mail us for wire transfer information. Alternatively, please visit the website of […]

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oday, Bloomberg reported that Ogen, a non-profit bank (previously called Israel Free Loan), will offer affordable credit to poor clients in Israel. Ogen, a non-profit bank, will offer affordable credit to poor clients.

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PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. posted its Financial Statement and Form 990 for 201. These documents may be found, along with downloadable copies of its IRS Determination Letter and statements and returns from prior years at the Reports/Filings tab on its website In 2016 PEF showed Grants to Qualified Organizations and Related Expenses of over $124 […]

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New York Times article showcasing efforts by Israeli Government and NGOs to train and place Israeli Arab Bedouins in high-tech industry highlights ITWorks.  ITWorks won bids to operate a program which trains and helps place Arab graduates in tech companies. According to the ministry, 225 people have been placed at leading software companies like Amdocs and […]

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The Jewish Daily Forward captures our unique position in Israel philanthropy.
The feature article – overly zealous in critiquing fundraising costs incurred by Friends organizations – get’s it right regarding PEF’s no-nonsense approach.
PEF is the choice for donors who have a pre-existing affinity and want 100% of their donation transferred to an Israeli charity of choice.
writes journalist; Josh Nathan-Kazis:

PEF, in particular, is an enigma: The organization is extraordinarily big, with $69 million in grants made in 2013 — more than all but the largest Jewish federations. Yet it has just five employees and paid its top-compensated employee just $124,000. Largely run by volunteers, PEF is a mega-“friends of” organization that also manages endowed funds for major donors. The group maintains a list of more than 1,000 Israeli charities that it has determined are eligible to receive American donors’ gifts. According to its president, Geoffrey Stern, the group covers its overhead with fees charged to its endowed funds, and doesn’t take any expenses out of regular gifts.

Read more: How To Be a ‘Friend’ and Get a Tax Break in Return The Jewish Daily Forward December 16, 2014

P.E.F. “an enigma” in Israel philanthropy – Jewish Daily Forward

In it’s June e-news letter, The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation announced more than $13 million in additional new grants including the following recommended grants to PEF. P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds Kivunim: New Directions for Special Needs Youth in Israel Haifa, Israel $200,000 operating grant over two years ($100,000 per year) to support this organization that […]

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We appreciate it when donors visit a charity and provide us with a report.  Today we received a report on Amutat Gittel V’Shoshana   from Ron Samet:

I personally visited the school a few years ago and found it to be quite advanced in it’s curriculum – both in religious studies, secular studies, and extracurricular activities. You can sense the happiness among the students as they spent time in music, art, and other liberal art type courses. The fact that many of the students come from impoverished and at times troubled homes did not deter them from having the passion to excel and be successful. It was a testament to the school and it’s faculty who spend enormous amounts of time and effort to continuously improve the school.

PEF donors provide site visit reports

Israeli charities (Amutot) continue to recognize that PEF provides a unique way for US taxpayers to make charitable contributions.  In 2013 a total of 81 new Israeli charitable organizations were applied and were added to PEF’s approved list.  This is double the number of such organizations added in 2012. To determine whether a charity is […]

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Mavoi Satum is a PEF approved organization which provides support for “agunot” and “mesoravot get” (women denied divorce) in Israel. The organization is proud to announce that: The panel of judges appointed by the Maariv newspaper, including Yoav Sorek, Moshe Grilk, Rabbi Benny Lau, Prof. Asher Cohen, Yair Sheleg and Tzvika Klayn, have selected Adv. Batya Kahane-Dror, […]

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More than Meets the Eye

Geoffrey —  October 5, 2013

You can now easily search for a PEF approved charity by name, by key-word and by category. If you click on our “charity” tab, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and Browse by Category: If you are looking (e.g.) for an organization that is involved with service to the autistic community, you […]

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